CrxOop CrxOop: Bringing Object Oriented Programming, and Proper Prototype Based Programming, To Javascript
The aim of the library documented below is to provide developers with a solution to allow development using interfaces and classes as they are known in other object oriented programming (OOP) languages such as C++, C#, Java and PHP. Further more, V1.4 introduces structures, a generalization of the concept of prototypal inheritance, known here as POBP.

7.0 Class And Structure Typing

CrxOop provides minimal support for class and structure reflection which we think should be sufficient for most, if not all, cases, and where it is not sufficient, an alternative better solution to reflection should exist. Seven functions are provided, crxOop.isClassExtending, crxOop.isClassChaining, crxOop.isClassImplementing, crxOop.isClassRegistered, crxOop.isStructureInheriting, crxOop.isStructureContaining, and crxOop.isStructureRegistered. These functions are not meant to reflect on the instances themselves, but instead on class definitions. The idea is to allow a foreign class library for example to work with your own.